Neighborhood Reaction to the Giants in the World Series

by Andrew Dalton on October 23, 2010

Jon here says, “I want to be blogged.” Luckily, he’s a 5 year resident of the neighborhood so, here you go: the neighborhood’s reaction to a Giants win and a trip to the World Series. Pretend it’s orange-tinted.

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Additional Hot Chicks at Art Openings

by Andrew Dalton on April 6, 2010

Mike Giant posted some photos from his art opening/friend’s brithday party at Bender’s last week, which I know isn’t technically in the neighborhood, but Giant was our neighbor for the lognest time, so I’m contractually obligated to post photos from any of his events. It’s not so bad when they’re gems like the one of [...]

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Mike Giant Wrote Some Names of Bars on a Sheet of Paper

by Andrew Dalton on March 17, 2010

And it’s awesome. And I want one. And it’s got all the neighborhood favorites. And Pop’s and Bender’s are on there so some other sites are totes gonna blog about it. I’m just guessing.
More of Mike Giant’s new works on Skullz Press and if you want one, you’ll have to head down to his party [...]

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Nash Bridges Revisited: Aloha Nash

by Andrew Dalton on February 26, 2010

In what might eventually prove to be a feeble attempt at connecting with his adopted city, Andrew is watching every episode of Nash Bridges’ inaugural season. His analysis of this once-popular television program can be found here and on the SFAppeal every Friday until the SF Public Library makes him return the DVDs. If you [...]

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Tomorrow Night: Last Skullz Press Show at 260 Divis [FREE BEER]

by Andrew Dalton on February 4, 2010

Mike Giant updated the Skullz Press blog to let us know he’ll be moving out of his current space at 260 Divisadero at the end of February. That means tomorrow [Friday!] will be the last of his First-Friday-of-the-Month open house shows on Divis.
No word on where he’ll be setting up shop next, but he’ll be [...]

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Mike Giant-Mobile

by Andrew Dalton on January 10, 2010

Spotted yesterday in the Western Addition. More photos of the painting in progress at The World’s Best Ever

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Still More Hot Chicks at Art Openings

by Andrew Dalton on January 6, 2010

Those photos Mike Giant was shooting a couple weeks ago? Yeah, we’ll he’s gone through them, picked out the best shots, and tatted up all the lovely ladies on their bikes for his upcoming show set for February in Milan. A couple more sneak peaks on the re-designed Skullz Press Site.
While you wait for giant [...]

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More Hot Chicks at Art Openings

by Andrew Dalton on December 16, 2009

Mike Giant is at it again. This time he’s been shooting “Cyclists of San Francisco”, who are all inexplicably model-worthy hot chicks instead of the crusty dudes on the Wiggle with rear-view mirrors protruding from their styrofoam helmets. That shot there is of model Karina from the first set. There’s a second set too. I [...]

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Target Pop-Up Store Projecting Commercials on Fell St.

by Andrew Dalton on December 9, 2009

We’ve seen some pretty weird marketing efforts in San Francisco before, but this is a new one to me at least. That Target-to-Go seasonal pop-up store opening in Mint Plaza that CurbedSF reported on has some little elves setting up an LCD projector in the parking lot of the Chevron at Fell and Masonic. The [...]

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Tuesday Links: Bars, Bikes, Denim, Stereotypes

by Andrew Dalton on October 27, 2009

[IBikeNOPA] MikeOnBike calls for easier neighborhood events. As fans of block parties ourselves, we support this.
[MissionLocal] Dress Code: Jeans, Jeans, Everywhere. MissionLocal’s Shalwah Evans tells you how to pick out denim, may or may not be on the take with The Gap.
[UrbanDaddy] A Coffee-Beer-Wine bar in Western Addition. Your ex-boyfriend who still lives in the [...]

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