Upcoming: December Divisadero Art Walk

by Andrew Dalton on November 13, 2009

Maybe you’re new to the neighborhood, or maybe you never make it over to Divisadero because you are an antisocial curmudgeon, but in any case if you didn’t make it out to either the June or September Divisadero Art Walks then you’ve been mission out on your best tri-monthly (is that the word for that? [...]

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Post-Work Drinks and LOL’s

by Andrew Dalton on November 3, 2009

Some people really hate mashups. Personally, I’m OK with taking two great ideas and slamming them together into one awesome thing. Think about it: those Palm Pilot things never really caught on with anybody except total Gordon Gecko-types until they smashed it up with a telephone and an iPod and called it an iPhone. Now [...]

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Your New Taxi-Free, No-Cover Halloween Plans

by Andrew Dalton on October 30, 2009

Look, we all know there’s a whole shitload of stuff you could be doing tomorrow night for Halloween. Maybe you’ve got a friend shelling out for VIP Bottle service at some club on Van Ness, or maybe you’re going to mourn the loss of Halloween in the Castro for the third year in a row [...]

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Party like it’s 1979: Sleepy Sun, The Antlers at The Independent

by Andrew Dalton on October 30, 2009

If you missed Sleepy Sun at Treasure Island (I did, and I blame MUNI, the shuttle system, and a hangover – in that order) here’s your chance to catch the local psych-folk rockers right around the corner at the Independent. As of this writing there are still tickets. So don’t dilly dally. The Antlers‘ debut [...]

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Wednesday Links: I read it so you can too!

by Andrew Dalton on October 28, 2009

Posting links is my favorite thing to do because I can trick you into clicking on something you might not have read otherwise. Plus, I read a lot of stuff, so why wouldn’t I share the highlights?
[FringeSF]: Fringe Halloween 2009 at Madrone – Your favorite indie DJs play a Halloween set at your favorite bar. [...]

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Venture Out: Dead Man’s Bones at Bimbo’s 365 [Free Music!]

by Andrew Dalton on October 27, 2009

Halloween is right around the corner. So close, in fact, that you’ve probably already had time to pick out a clever costume and then decide that it won’t work because, duh, everyone is going as Max, King of the Wild Things. But instead of letting that get you down, just put off your trip to [...]

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Scenes from a Vintage IndieMart

by Andrew Dalton on October 26, 2009

In case you didn’t make it over to Workshop for the last minute (but by no means hurried) IndieMart vintage event yesterday, here’s some shots of what you missed.
There wasn’t a whole lot for three dudes having a lazy Sunday to browse on the racks, but I did leave with a new (old) shirt and [...]

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For Immediate Release: Free IndieMart Vintage Party Today at Workshop

by Andrew Dalton on October 25, 2009

We’ve been meaning to do a post on Workshop – the DIY space from the fine Kelly Malone who brought us IndieMart – my favorite place to drink beer, listen to music, and purchase handmade belt buckles.
Today from Noon to 6pm at the space on McAllister & Baker, Kelly is throwing a party to celebrate [...]

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AggroPa Tonight! Drinks and Tarot and Books at The Page

by Andrew Dalton on October 12, 2009

Well, once again it looks like I’ve forgotten to do my homework. I totally forgot about the One City, One Book program designed to get San Franciscans talking about the same book instead of just making each other feel guilty for skipping over Malcolm Gladwell’s latest in favor of some straight-to-big-screen Dan Brown paperback they [...]

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Culture Alert! New Works at Skullz Press

by Andrew Dalton on October 1, 2009

Heads up, pop art fans, neighborhood artists Mike Giant and Derick Montez will be showing off new works and enticing passers-by with free beer and loud music on Friday Oct. 2nd (Hey, that’s tomorrow!) at their space at 260 Divisadero between Haight and Page. Check out Mike’s blog at http://skullzpress.blogspot.com/ for a preview of what [...]

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