21-Hayes Knocks Out Neighborhood Power [Broken News]

by Andrew Dalton on March 18, 2010

The power’s out! News, you guys! The 21-Hayes pulled down a telephone pole at Hayes and Baker, which shorted out the grid in the neighborhood. The police officer I spoke with said it was a couple block radius, but the power has been out at my place at Masonic and Fulton since 9am. Some spots [...]

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Some Stuff Happened (Or is Going to Happen) In the Neighborhood [Hoodlinks]

by Andrew Dalton on March 17, 2010

Some stuff you may or may not have missed around the neighborhood lately:

Above: Ross “Juicebox”/”The Boss” Mirkarimi slips one in at the new Hamilton Recreation Center [SFCitizen]
That monthly NoPa Velo Ride? It’s back again (that’s what monthly means). This month’s wacky theme: “The Hills are Alive with the Views of NOPA” and it’s next Sunday, [...]

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Mike Giant Wrote Some Names of Bars on a Sheet of Paper

by Andrew Dalton on March 17, 2010

And it’s awesome. And I want one. And it’s got all the neighborhood favorites. And Pop’s and Bender’s are on there so some other sites are totes gonna blog about it. I’m just guessing.
More of Mike Giant’s new works on Skullz Press and if you want one, you’ll have to head down to his party [...]

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Hey, Look How Green We Are [Photo of the Day]

by Andrew Dalton on March 16, 2010

It’s all spring-y outside and the best part of Divis (between McAllister and Fell, duh) is looking pretty sharp. Ignore the fact that I was obviously crouching in the median, trampling the greenery while taking this photo. At least I can definitively say that there’s no dogshit there.

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Let’s Get This Parklet Started

by Andrew Dalton on March 15, 2010

Look, guys, I’ll admit I was a little skeptical when this whole pavement-to-parks movement got started. I was a big fan of PARKing Day, mostly because they set up a croquet court on 2nd street by my old office in SOMA and nothing’s better than skipping work to sit in an astro-turfed parking space like [...]

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Sean Penn Kicked Out of Oscar Party, Still Welcome at Madrone

by Andrew Dalton on March 8, 2010

I never thought I’d be linking out to that detestable piece of garbageblogging that is Perez Hilton, but the day after the Oscars means his interns are extra busy photoshopping jizz onto other people’s photos. Apparently last night Penn got kicked out of an Oscar party for punching a The Hurt Locker producer in [...]

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Nash Bridges Revisited: Key Witness [Season Finale!]

by Andrew Dalton on March 5, 2010

Here we are at the end of Season 1! We made it! Although, to be honest, they probably should have ended the first season on Nash’s vacation to Hawaii so he could properly celebrate letting one of the top ten most wanted criminals in the country off the hook and losing a very important piece [...]

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Help Your Neighbor Find Billy the Dog [UPDATE: FOUND!]

by Andrew Dalton on March 1, 2010

[UPDATE: Kate over at Scenes-from-my-hood emailed me to let me know Billy the Dog has been found! Thanks, internet/dog catcher/Homeward Bound 3: Dog in the City.]
Look guys, I’m no vegansaurus over here, but I’m a dog person and I’d really rather avoid another incident in the panhandle. So that adorable guy up there goes by [...]

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Nash Bridges Revisited: Aloha Nash

by Andrew Dalton on February 26, 2010

In what might eventually prove to be a feeble attempt at connecting with his adopted city, Andrew is watching every episode of Nash Bridges’ inaugural season. His analysis of this once-popular television program can be found here and on the SFAppeal every Friday until the SF Public Library makes him return the DVDs. If you [...]

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Let’s All Ride Bikes to Oakland and Laugh at Jared Leto [Or not!]

by Andrew Dalton on February 25, 2010

Jared Leto’s awesome band is playing at the Fox Theater in Oakland on May 13th. Do you know what that means? It means we should organize some sort of “critical mass of bicycles” to ride over to Oakland (preferably by blocking traffic on the Bay Bridge, because bikes on BART is so conformist) and protest [...]

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