Potential Hookup Ends in Stolen iPod

by Andrew Dalton on November 4, 2011

A story of young love gone awry in the neighborhood: The Examiner reports one 21-year-old man attempted to bring home a new ladyfriend after chatting her up near Divis and McAllister on Tuesday. After successfully securing her digits — which I imagine were fake or this story would have a totally different ending — the young lady tagged along with the gentleman to his Panhandle-adjacent home.

While fumbling with his keys or whatever, our victim asked his potential new girlfriend to “hold his iPod” (not a euphemism), at which point she promptly took off with the Apple product. Truly a sad day for that kid’s mp3 collection and 21-year-old boners everywhere.

I’d bother trying to figure out which bar these two met at if I wasn’t still wondering why the poor guy didn’t just keep it in his pants. (The iPod, I mean. Doesn’t he have pockets?)


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