Very Important Bi-Rite News of Great Importance (About Bi-Rite)

by Andrew Dalton on January 18, 2011

Neighbor and fellow panhandler, Jon R. sent us the above photo of Bi-Rite’s new liquor license application.

After all the excitement back in June about notable Mission grocer and creamery ice cream store Bi-Rite opening a second location on Divisadero, it looks like the neighborhood is at least one step closer to the fancy picnic supply store becoming a reality – just a slightly different reality than we had imagined back then.

Originally, owner Sam Mogannam was planning to move in to the old Emblem Grocery at 736 Divisadero which has been closed long enough for people to not care about restoring its vintage 7-UP signage. Now, if we’re to believe the words on the above liquor license application, Bi-Rite will be taking over the inappropriately named Divisadero Farmer’s Market & Deli at 550 Divis. To clarify: Divisadero Farmer’s Market & Deli is neither a Farmer’s Market nor a Deli. It’s a convenience store with a terrible candy selection, questionable taste in chips and a complete lack of IT’s-ITs. If a farmer ever set foot in there, it was probably to buy a nip of Jim Beam for his coffee before he had to go sell pomegranates at the Sunday Farmer’s Market on Grove. What the space at 550 Divis does offer is a great deal of currently unused square footage and a hideous yellow storefront. (Bonus: slightly-less vintage 7-UP signage.)

To recap: quaint throwback grocer no longer moving in next to the typewriter-and-Edison-bulbs retailer. Instead retro-styled grocer will be moving in next to the communal-table-and-expensive-hamburger store:

Personally, we’ve only stopped in to Bi-Rite on 18th for a bottle of wine so we wouldn’t show up to a Mission housewarming party empty handed, but everyone there was very friendly and it seems like they could be a nice alternative to picking up picnic supplies at the perennially-overpriced Falletti Foods on Broderick. And Mr. Mogannam, if you’re listening: we’re totally OK if you want to call it “Divisadero Bi-Rite Market and Deli”, as long as you promise to install an actual deli counter. We need more cold cut options around here.

2 Responses to “Very Important Bi-Rite News of Great Importance (About Bi-Rite)”

  1. Jordan says:

    Thanks for the update, and Amen to the lack of cold cut options!

  2. TinyTim says:

    Citoyens de la Republique de Divisadero:
    Enjoy the high-priced additions to your neighborhood. But if you lose your job don’t come crying that you have no affordable options in your nabe. Of course, you can always eat cake.

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