The Exasperated Sigh Heard ‘Round the Neighborhood

by Andrew Dalton on January 4, 2011

I mean, already? Really?


  • Adorable New Mural Going Up at the Harding Theater [AggPan]

  • Laser Cat Mural Vandalized! Outrage! [SFist]
  • And Here We Are: Divisadero Street Art Incident Explained
  • Lazer Cat Mural Succumbs to Hype [UptownAlmanac]

    ad barfium…

    6 Responses to “The Exasperated Sigh Heard ‘Round the Neighborhood”

    1. Is it weird that I think this tag kind of gives the mural a whole new level of meaning? Like, is it public art or is it hype? I’m probably overthinking it. Bring back the laser kitties!

    2. hot carl says:

      Look, I wholeheartedly agree that Hype can suck a dump. Butt…. that Gunderson mural kind of sucks too. I mean c’mon, I’ve seen hobo art with a lot more heart and effort than that piece of garbage nailed to a wall.

    3. On the other hand, maybe Gunderson left all that blank space so taggers would have a plenty of canvas to work with? It actually does look kind of nice.

      P.S. There’s more there now.

    4. mous Cow says:

      Here are some photos from Heist Gallery, showing “child prodigy” Henry Gunderson painting his mural that went up over Hype, who painted on a blank wall, which was painted by Heist Gallery over Laser Kitties when the Bulls went up:

      The Heist Gallery Blog also informs that Julianne Yates and
      “Gallery Heist has procured this wall in addition to their wall on Geary & Leavenworth and will continue to secure walls throughout San Francisco to serve as an extension of ongoing exhibitions curated at Gallery Heist ”

      So it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect to see more beefs like this popping up as Julianne Yates and Heist Gallery continue to “secure walls” that currently sport graffiti and turn them into marketing devices for their business.

      The good news is more art for everyone. Layers and layers of it.
      Some of it will be “procured” and “secured” and some of it won’t be.

    5. I got the press release too. It’s kind of fun now…like a nice back and forth.

      Might as well document this to death, so we’ll get some photos up tomorrow of a time-lapse or something

    6. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Tagger scumbags. I hope they get cancer and then die in a fire.

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