Park Better, Neighbors

by Andrew Dalton on November 21, 2010

Neighborhood reader Jeremy submitted some street poetry he spotted at Central and Fulton:

Share the Street Douchebag!”

It’s kind of lovely, really. Like Gertrude Stein for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. Bonus authenticity points for looking like it got run over a few times already.

4 Responses to “Park Better, Neighbors”

  1. Matt says:

    Funny. That note was left on my friend’s impressively parked motorcycle. She’s hot and fast like her bike, and definitely not a ‘douchebag’.

  2. In that case, I suspect your friend was unfairly profiled as a motorcycle owner. Terrible.

  3. john b. says:

    Some cunt (pink paper, curly q handwriting) left a note on my car that said “you park like an asshole.” Let me tell all you fucks who leave notes on cars there is another possibility, which was the case with my “asshole parking job.” I squeezed in between a motorcycle (which had parked next to a driveway) and another car which had about 3 feet in front of them. Motorcycle left and car in front left. Then some guy parked in front of me but instead of leaving the 3 feet in front of his car, he left the space behind him/in front of my car. Voila, I’m instantly an asshole due to the large amount of space left around my car. I’m definitely an asshole, but my parking skills are second to none. Get over yourselves and your stupid fucking notes.

  4. Jeff says:

    Maybe Larry David takes a stand against “Pig Parking”:

    And then takes his campaign internationally:

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