Salsa Watch: Papalote Salsa Arrives in Stores Tuesday

by Andrew Dalton on November 20, 2010

Yesterday, despite being a simple jar of spicy tomato sauce, Papalote Salsa managed to tweet an update to the salsa news that captivated a city of Foodies back in late August:

For those of you in the city who have been waiting ever-so-patiently for updates from the neighborhood taqueria, you will now be able to pick up a jar at Rainbow Grocery as soon as they let you in to the notoriously backed-up parking lot. (PRO-TIP: Just walk to either the Fulton Street or 24th Street Papalote locations where they’ve been selling it by the jar for years.) Further investigation of the twitter feed reveals it will also eventually be available at Whole Foods locations. Here’s the packaging, if you’re jar-curious:

If you’re unable to buy the salsa in person, you unfortunately won’t be able to order any online in time to spice up your Thanksgiving dinner – as the prophetic, tweeting salsa jar says online orders will begin starting December 1st, when you’ll be able to order through their redesigned website.

In the meantime, you can watch this video of a girl finishing a Triple Threat Burrito

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