Your New Lazer* Kitten Desktop Background

by Andrew Dalton on November 19, 2010

Yesterday’s Lazer* Kitten Murals were a huge internet hit, apparently. In fact I’ve had a few requests for large resolution versions of the photo suitable for use as a desktop background. This site, like most good publications these days, operates in the red most of the time, so we have zero budget to upgrade our flickr account to Pro status which allows for more sizes and high-res photos. So, you could always *ahem* donate by collecting all the coins you found in your couch and paypal’ing that sum to to andrew [at], where I will promptly put it towards said flickr upgrade. (How’s that for some aggressive panhandling?)

You could do that or you could just click through the thumbnails below to get to the high-res version, both of them are 1920 pixels wide, and they’re formatted for widescreen monitors which I’m fairly certain are kind of standard these days. There’s the original:

And the letter box edition, in case you’d rather not see the dingy sidewalk in front of the Harding:

Download away until our servers start getting tapped out.

(*Usage Note: Lazers of this nature should be spelled with a “Z”, obviously. “Lasers” are for science experiments and pointing at things on a presentation screen. “Lazers”, in the meantime are for wreaking havoc and destroying entire cityscapes and make that fun “pew pew” noise.)

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  1. Ezra Li says:

    Hi Andrew!
    It would be lovely if you could append your blog posts to include credit for the artists- The mural is titled “kittenzilla” and is painted by Ezra Li Eismont, Bunnie Reiss and Garrison Buxton. We have been very happy with the viral blog press we have received on this, yet most posts still don’t credit us with the painting. Let your readers know that we will soon have high quality art prints available via adhocart (
    THanks for spreading the laser kitten love!
    -Ezra Li Eismont

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