Art in Progress: Adorable New Mural Going Up at the Harding Theater

by Andrew Dalton on November 17, 2010

Behold: A kitten shoots at the San Francisco skyline with lazer eyes or possibly spotlights while another kitten pounces on a multi-colored dragonfly and a third kitten peeks out from below. Or just “that cat painting on Divis,” if you like. I don’t know, the artists I spoke to hadn’t named it yet, but it’s part of that Murals on Divis initiative that got bandied about at the last NOPNA meeting. Anyway, I’m in to it. It’s still a work in progress, but looks like it’ll get done by the afternoon. More photos later when the afternoon sun lights up this little beauty. UPDATE: It’s done! Now with 100% less crappy photos.

Painting is dead, long live painting!

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  3. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    A chillingly accurate vision of San Francisco’s future.

  4. Bunnie says:

    Thanks for the wonderful words and pictures! We had fun painting in your neighborhood yesterday and are hoping to do a few more.

  5. Thanks for posting this! I posted some other flicks on my blog

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  7. PMFeeney says:

    yeah ! kittens !

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  9. Alex Knibb says:


    I don’t suppose I could have the original full res photo, could I, please? I’d love to hang that on my wall, but San Francisco is a little far to come to take a snap myself!

    Can’t really offer much in return, other than a free pint of the warm beer we have here when you’re next in Bristol, UK. ;)


  10. Alex Knibb says:

    lol. Ignore me. I just clicked on the image, and that res is fine. *smacks forehead*.

    Warm beer offer still stands, though. :D

  11. This is so amazing. Love it!

  12. amy beth says:

    This is now I know jebus loves me.

  13. Larry Here says:

    Historic show at this location:

    Awesome mural!

  14. Ezra Li says:

    @Al – we will have prints available shortly on

    Thanks for enjoying our kittens!

    Ezra Li Eismont

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