Meet Your Alamo Square Neighbors at Madrone Tuesday Night

by Andrew Dalton on November 7, 2010

From the amazing wire service known as “the Facebook” comes this invite to meet your Alamo Square-area neighbors at a Drinks Around Alamo Square Event on Tuesday, November 9th. The event obviously takes place during Madrone’s Happy Hour from 5:30 – 7:30pm, which makes it very easy for us to attend, but you should probably come too, because we’re neighbors and we like you. Although this different from our normal nights at Madrone because we will probably be expected to maintain at least the slightest hint of sobriety. Expect the Spikesville Whiskey to start flowing a little harder around 8pm then.

RSVP on Facebook if you’re coming. Or don’t. It’s not like it’s a fancy club night or anything.

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