Multiple First Looks at Ragazza

by Andrew Dalton on September 20, 2010

Obviously the most exciting thing about finding out a new restaurant opened in your neighborhood is being the first person to check in there on Foursquare. After that, the second most exciting thing is probably being the first to review it on Yelp. But definitely more exciting than actually eating somewhere is seeing pictures of it on the Internet even though it’s only like two blocks from your house.

With that said, here are two sets of first looks inside the previously mentioned Ragazza from this weekend’s neighborhood party. The patio that Metro Kathmandu hid from us is looking good, but neither set includes a photo of this fancy pizza we’ve all been waiting for. Although, to be fair A. Dudley over at Haighteration did snap a picture of a salad:

First Photos: Inside Ragazza [Haighteration]

Nopa Welcomes Ragazza And Her Gorgeous Gas-Fired ‘Zas [EaterSF]

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