“Sustainable Brewpub” Coming to 1785 Fulton; Ragazza Finally Opening This Week.

by Andrew Dalton on September 17, 2010

Some useful information actually came out of last night’s NOPNA meeting, namely a couple of updates on some of the vacant restaurant spaces around the neighborhood:

First, was the announcement from Ivan Hopkinson – formerly of the Beach Chalet – has broken out on his own to create Fulton Street Brewpub, which he described as a “sustainable brewpub” before comparing his concept to Magnolia in the Haight. No details yet on an opening date, but Ivan is working with the owners of the 1785 Fulton to secure a lease on the space which has been empty for about as long as this Panhandler can remember (it’s the space between Papalote and Starbucks, not the old Poleng spot). Let’s hope this works out, since we hear the space is allegedly cursed by the ghosts of old Fulton Street regulars.

Second, in more pressing news: Tablehopper pointed out that Ragazza, the napoletana pizza place taking over the former Metro Kathmandu, will be opening next Wednesday, September 22nd – but word at the neighborhood meeting was that there will be an opening party on Saturday, so keep your eyes peeled as you walk down Divis this weekend. Personally, I might be hitting them up for a job since this whole blogging thing barely covers my taco budget.

4 Responses to ““Sustainable Brewpub” Coming to 1785 Fulton; Ragazza Finally Opening This Week.”

  1. skllwmn says:

    Being an old regular at Fulton Street, I’d love to have a new place to get a beer AND play pool again.
    I’d also welcome a new brewery IF it had hoppy beers (unlike Magnolia). I continue to curse the greedy landlord who forced Fulton Street out and the idiots who thought they could open something there without a liquor license.

  2. Mike G. says:

    couldn’t agree more with you, skllwmn. i was pretty bummed when Fulton St. Bar went down. plus a new brewery is always awesome to hear about, hope it does well.

  3. kathleen says:

    a new brewery to the neighborhood would liven up the area. a shuffleboard would be cool to have. not too many places have one – might bring in some appeal. hope it happens!

  4. thebullgooselooney says:

    from the idiot who actually opened the old fulton street, please, let me say how much we appreciate the love and would’ve loved to have what the landlord is now finally offering to get a tenant. but i do wonder what the rent will be, now that it sounds the neighborhood has blossomed that much more. peace, sf, we miss ya. alot!

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