Minutes from a Neighborhood Association Meeting

by Andrew Dalton on September 17, 2010

Last night, Aggressive Panhandler inadvertently attended a North of Panhandle Neighborhood Association meeting when the group swarmed in to Oasis Cafe where I happened to be taking advantage of their $2 happy hour. (I guess they’re no longer feeling their usual method of communicating via mass Facebook messages, because no one alerted me.)

Anyway, in the interest of doing my CIVIC DUTY, I documented the minutes of the meeting in the most appropriate way I know how: by livetweeting from the back of the room. What follows are the those minutes, copied directly from twitter, but re-arranged chronologically for readability: (P.S. Is now a goog time to mention you should follow us on Twitter: @AggroPa?)

  • 8pm: “How many of you had a great time at Bay to Breakers?” [2 hands raised]
  • “Here’s a graph of where people were when they had to be taken to the hospital for being too inebriated” [Huge spike at Alamo Sq/Panhandle]
  • Sheriff’s office is going to be on hand to process arrests at B2B 2k11. Will be enforcing the no alcohol rule. Close to a sponsor though!
  • Fix Masonic. Fix Fell. Fix Me a Sandwich. We’re getting a lot done here at the NOPNA meeting!
  • Srsly though, Fix Masonic proposals remove parking in favor of bike lanes. Putting in a median would make people drive slower apparently?
  • A rep from Recology/Sunset Scavenger is discussing recycling theft. Be-mulleted lady is STOKED.
  • Some of this stuff is remarkably generic for such a specific audience. Is this how people who don’t read blogs get hyper-local news?
  • JUICY TIDBIT: Ivan Hopkinson (of Beach Chalet) working to open a sustainable brewpub (think Magnolia) at 1785 Fulton, across from Lucky’s.
  • NOPNA meeting not all boring: Ragazza (pizza joint moving in to former Metro Kathmandu space) to have an opening party on Saturday.
  • Padre from St Cyprians Episcopal just crushed a beer and gave an incredibly impassioned speech about connecting the church & neighborhood.
  • Everyone was really excited about Sunday Streets this weekend until they found out they have to move their cars beforehand.
  • Er, so the Ragazza thing on Saturday sounds like a soft-open. Official opening is next Wednesday 9/22. The more you know! (About Pizza.)

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