Nopa Sends Their Servers to the Farm with “Completing the Circle” Program

by Andrew Dalton on September 16, 2010

Add this one to the long list of things that makes San Francisco SUPER COOL and AWESOMELY PRETENTIOUS at the same time. Paolo over on Inside Scoop points us to an article on the front cover of today’s Datebook about our favorite place to eat locally-sourced rabbit legs and wait for Sean Penn to grace us with his presence.

We can’t read the article at the moment because the Chron has embargoed the Internet as if we were some kind of communist island nation and no one has left a print copy on the bus for us to find just yet, but Paolo lets us know that the Nopa staff “completes the circle” by trucking out to the farms and wineries where they source their goods and then later bringing those vendors in for a monthly lunch.

If you ask us (you didn’t!) it’s a nice way to keep the locavore concept grounded in reality instead of just copping the label for PR purposes, but mostly I’m just surprised I made it through this post without one circle jerk joke.

Photo via: Inside Scoop

2 Responses to “Nopa Sends Their Servers to the Farm with “Completing the Circle” Program”

  1. Anonymous. says:

    As a neighbor of Nopa (mind you, in the Alamo Square neighborhood three blocks off of the actual beginning of North of Panhandle, how un-eponymous) within 50 feet of their front door, I must say they are the biggest douchebag establishment in the area. Their staff need anti-pretentiousness training, but that will never happen as Jeff and Lawrence are the prime DBs in the top-down approach.

    They can do all the food hype they want; they attract a crap clientele, reinforce them by reciprocating this attitude in a true Andy Bernard personality mirroring style, and let it be known Jeff and Larry regularly fight with the neighbors whom have tried to get them to change some of their more despicable neighborhood practices. (3am noise, dumping chemicals down the sewer drains…)

  2. A thoughtful comment, Anonymous/Mister Clandestine. While I think crap clientele tends to come along with the NY Times food section pieces and gushing Yelp reviews (4 stars!), I’d love to hear more about these despicable neighborhood practices.

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