BREAKING SALSA NEWS: Papalote’s Salsa to Hit Shelves in 2010

by Andrew Dalton on August 31, 2010

What you’re looking at right there is 60 gallons of Papalote’s famous salsa. The recipe that launched a thousand Yelp reviews, if you will. The very same recipe that sent Bobby Flay and his bullshit green burrito packing on that episode of Throwdown.

The sheer quantity of salsa is so great that the Escobedo Brothers had to start a whole separate twitter feed just for @PapaloteSalsa. And from said twitter feed, we learn that they’re not just cooking up batches for their own personal use or even for their two locations in the city – they’re bottling it up so the rest of the world can order it online and at select retail locations (I’m guessing that’s what they mean by “shelves”) starting in November 2010.

I’m just hoping it’ll be for sale in the terminal in SFO so I can pick up a couple jars on my way home for the Holidays. Stocking stuffers!

6 Responses to “BREAKING SALSA NEWS: Papalote’s Salsa to Hit Shelves in 2010”

  1. Former Panhandler says:

    This is an incredible development. Best salsa ever.

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  3. Hooray! Soon we will be able to buy San Francisco’s second-best salsa after Casa Sanchez’s in stores! Wait, what’s that you say? You’ve been able to buy Casa Sanchez salsa in stores for years? Oh. Never mind, then.

  4. Maybe we should schedule some sort of Coke vs. Pepsi blind taste test to see how this salsa dance shakes out.

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