Another Piece of Paper Confirms Nopa Serves Good Food [Awards Season]

by Andrew Dalton on June 23, 2010

Not content to let alt-weeklies have all the fun, Yuppie Glossy San Francisco (the magazine) has published their Reader’s Poll of the Best of the Bay Area 2010 and hey, guess what? Nopa (the restaurant) got a couple nods for Best Late-night bites and Best Place to Dine with a Crowd, which isn’t really all that surprising given their showing with 7×7 and SFWeekly. Other neighborhood winners include NightLife at the Academy of Sciences for Best Museum Late/Free Night (with Friday Nights at the DeYoung claiming second) and Best Weeknight Party. Toronado in Lower Haight claimed another Best Beer Selection on Tap award (Magnolia Gastropub took home 3rd).

And if it tells you anything about location of San Francisco Magazine’s readers, Zachary’s Pizza in Berkeley beat out Little Star which is weird because they’re pretty much the same except you have to go really fucking far to get to Zachary’s. I’m starting to think the only people who care about these things are sandwich shop owners who still leave up their one award from 2003.

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