Fell & Divis Arco Owner Kind-of Assaulted BP Protester Maybe.

by Andrew Dalton on June 21, 2010

So it turns out the Arco/BP Shutdown party wasn’t just a one time thing and the Facebook Revolutionaries behind the protest are doing this weekly now (who knew?).  More importantly though, last Friday’s protest not only angered a lot of drivers, but it apparently pissed off Arco Station owner Larry Armstrong who, according to facebook user protest organizer Joshua Hart, began “taking matters into his own hands and assaulting protesters who were peacefully assembled last Friday evening to condemn the Gulf oil spill and the blocked bike lane.”

The damning evidence was capture on YouTube along with some footage of a sweet, old Chevy Nova (the signature vehicle of someone who doesn’t give a fuck about mpg or Pelicans). Strongarm Larry is at 35 seconds in, followed by some cringe-worthy “That’s assault!” smugness:

The victim of Larry’s rage: Jym, whose only crime is spelling his name like that, has filed assault charges against Armstrong and is “awaiting medical assessment of his hand injury” according to Hart.

So with all the pedestrian violence going down at the Arco, Hart is calling for a complete shut down of the gas station and that means this week’s protest needs more people. A lot more people. Like 30 people. Because that’s apparently how many protesters you need to get on the national news. And that’s where you come in, neighborhood reader, because the two key organizers Janel Somebody and Hart live in Berkeley (obvs) and Santa Cruz (duh) respectively and can only do so much grassroots organizing before their coworkers find out how much time they’ve been spending on Facebook*.

So if you want to get involved, you should email Joshua at: joshuanoahhart [at] gmail [dot] com. And spread the word amongst your internet acquaintances if you hate BP, or violent business owners, or cars in the bike lane, or just want to get on National televison, because who even knows what we’re protesting anymore. I thought this was about turning the Arco station into a sunny place to sip iced coffees and talk to sensible people about bicycles, but now we’re chaining ourselves up in front of the metaphorical bulldozer (which is actually a Prius trying to top off the tank).

AggressivePanhandler, unfortunately won’t have anyone in attendance as Pavement is totally playing in Berkeley that night, so I’m exempt from this because I have to answer my calling as a member of Generation Whatevs and make a pilgrimage to the Greek Theater. I’ll probably take BART, if you’re wondering. Send photos if you go! (To the protest, I mean.)


Source: A Facebook message from Joshua Hart to members of ARCO/BP Shut Down Party Group

3 Responses to “Fell & Divis Arco Owner Kind-of Assaulted BP Protester Maybe.”

  1. scooterist says:

    i was yelled at by one of the protesters to “get a bike” while i was riding my scooter from work. i wasn’t in the lane to turn into Arco, i was stopped at the light. i don’t shop at Arco/BP because saving 5c/gal is not worth killing wildlife in the gulf, now or ever. the 76 across the street does not get their gas from BP so i go there. if they would consider a 75+mpg rider with near zero emission a viable option for someone that needs that sort of transportation, it would be a great help. if we had more scooterists than car drivers out there, SF would be a lot happier. every little bit helps.

    just saying, protesters, i support you but don’t just yell, think about what you say first.

    also, not sure if the guy that yelled at me was part of your group. may have just been a random douche.

  2. I don’t think anyone supports BP at this point, but when these guys take their BP-rage out on some poor guy just trying to get home from work they make us all look like unreasonable whackjobs.

  3. [...] at Fell and Divis was closed for some portion of the morning. Unfortunately for the cyclists, the Fix Fell people didn’t successfully shutdown the pelican-smothering, bike lane-trespassers just yet [...]

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