A Slim Look at 7×7’s Anemic Best of 2010

by Andrew Dalton on May 25, 2010

It’s officially award season! That magical time of the year when everyone briefly cares about printed versions of the websites they sometimes go to. Last week we had SF Weekly’s Best of 2010, which we discussed, and now this week 7×7 Magazine has birthed their own little bundle of joy. Because you’re a busy person who doesn’t have time to read stuff, we’ve gone ahead and done our due diligence, as they say in the biz (no they don’t), and distilled the list down to the neighborhood spirit.

First of all, 7×7 doesn’t seem to have either the time or staff necessary to sit around coming up with quite as many incredibly specific categories at the Weekly, but they also didn’t bother with the boring generic ones that no one would ever agree on anyway (I’m looking at you “Best Bar” category). After that they’re not really left with much, so maybe that either means it’s a bigger honor for these neighborhood mentions, or multiple 7×7 staff members live in the neighborhood. Either way, here’s our haul:

Best Reasons to Skip the Gym: Heavy Metal Aerobics at Workshop. Noted for their used of sand-filled PBR cans as weights. [Shameless plug: Here's my writeup on Broke-Ass Stuart.]

Best Little Oasis – Mojo Bicycle Cafe. Duh, we’ve been saying this since the parklet opened back in March.

Best Music Festival – Outside Lands. The fact that 7×7 went with the most expensive festival all year, while the Weekly chose a free one says a lot about their target audience. (Also, let’s claim any music festival that disrupts service on the 5-Fulton.)

And in the Outer Panhandle we’ve got:

Best Lick – Three Twins in the Lower Haight wins for their Lemon Cookie ice cream.

Best Urban Renewal – Hayes Valley Farm at Hayes and Buchanan onramp

Best Read – Booksmith on Haight

Best Deal for Staying Smooth – Haight Street Nails, this one’s for the ladies, because they’re talking about waxing, duh.

So there you go, now you don’t have to feel bad about using your print copy as a makeshift umbrella this morning.

[Photo not indicative of anything except slimness, via 7x7: What's the Deal: Bastille]

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