KKKatie Taken Down, Or: How Not to be a “Street Artist”

by Andrew Dalton on May 20, 2010

We talked briefly before about KKKatie (real name: Katherine Dunbar), the aggressive and reportedly unbalanced tagger with a love for misappropriating political symbols. Today, our friends over at the Appeal reported that she’s been busted, with the court piling on five counts of felony vandalism with hate crimes allegations, four misdemeanor vandalism counts, a couple assault charges, battery on a police officer (She bit him!), possession of graffiti instruments, and a felony for dissuading a witness.

Most of the hate crime allegations come from the fact that she was spraying her terribly bland KKK tag all over the place, as well as swastikas on two Arab-owned business on Divis. (Although, to be fair, she did tag a Star of David on the Harding Theater, but it was next to someone else’s equally-boring “Alah” [sic?] tag so maybe she’s just an all-around contrarian bitchface.)

That last charge of dissuading a witness came after she sprayed the lengthy message you see above at last weekend’s Bay to Breakers. Per the Appeal, she “allegedly attempted to spray-paint an African-American man who tried to report the Bay to Breakers vandalism on Sunday and then allegedly made racial comments to him and threatened him with false claims of rape if he reported the incidents.” Yikes!

Look, I’m not one to debate street art vs. vandalism, but if you’re gonna go around trying to make a name for yourself using $15 worth of supplies from the hardware store, could you at least make it look kind of nice? Did you only have one can of paint? You probably shouldn’t be running with a nom de guerre that includes a commonly recognized abbreviation of your given name either. I know if I ever start calling myself a Rustoleum Wrangler, I’m gonna go by “ChChCharlie” and my tagline will be “Do not attempt to tag actual human beings.”

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  1. leslie says:

    where is the like button on this thing? :)

  2. Over here but Facebook sucks (as we know) and it takes like 48 hours to pick up the RSS feed.

    There’s also tumblr if you’ve already jumped the facebook ship.

    Thanks though!

  3. Leslie says:

    Facebook does indeed suck, but since only interesting people use tumblr, stat-wise Facebook wins.

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  6. Otha Wishard says:

    I just have to say, I enjoy reading your blog. Maybe you could let me know how I can bookmark it ? Also just thought I would tell you I found this site through google.

  7. Tim Miller says:

    5 minute video piece from ABC/7:

    San Francisco graffiti artist charged with hate crime

    Includes 911 audio and witness interviews… bonus: they flash Aggressive Panhandler across the screen!

  8. Bill Thomson says:

    I’m not sure how you can prevent something like this from happening…I suppose stiffer penalites, and having the offender clean walls for 3 months.

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