Fuck Muni, I’m Riding My North Face Backpack Chairlift From Now On

by Andrew Dalton on May 14, 2010

I don’t know why Wired posted this article on their Autopia Car blog, because this should be filed under “Awesome stuff from a utopian future where no one ever has to drive”. Basically it’s a backpack with a hook and a motor that zips you along suspended cables over traffic and other congested areas. The only problem is the inventor’s lame implementation where you basically just walk around with this heavy ass backpack and then hop on a line when you need to cross over a major traffic jam. That’s just a really elaborate version of a crosswalk, man.

On the other hand, this could be a huge opportunity for Muni if they played their cards right. We’ve already got a huge network of cables, just get rid of the buses entirely and start selling $500 electric flying/cable-riding backpacks. (Outside cable for all local stops, inside cable for Express.) In half a year, that thing would already have paid for itself in Muni Fast Pass costs. I bet you could even strap a motor to a folding shopping cart for those trips on the Cable Line Formerly Known as the 30-Stockon.

Here’s the view from a test run on the F-Market/Wharves line:

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