Expanding Divisadero’s Pizza Horizons

by Andrew Dalton on April 13, 2010

Yesterday, homegirl Tablehopper got so excited that a new pizza place was opening in the former home of Metro Kathmandu that she could hardly wait to get out a proper internet email blog about it. But she did tweet some hints and EaterSF filled in the rest of the details. Some lady who makes fancy-pants pizza down at Glen Park’s Gialina got tired of taking BART to work, I guess and she’ll be opening a second pizza joint called Ragazza.

Judging from the fancy Italian names of her restaurants and the hot food porn on Yelp, we guess she’s not fucking around. Which is good because we could use some pizza on Divis that isn’t actually lasagna (I still love you, Little Star) or cardboard (seriously, Stelladoro, get your act together.)

Also, Ragazza will be in direct competition with Bus Stop Pizza across the street, but I don’t know if that place is any good because of how I refuse to frequent places with “Bus Stop” in their name.

Photo of the potato, bacon and egg pizza via yelper Kewli O. (That is definitely that person’s real name.)

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