Gavin’s Hair Makes an Appearance at Mojo

by Andrew Dalton on March 18, 2010

Despite all the attempts at sabotage this morning, Mayor Hairsom came to the neighborhood this morning to check out the new parklet at Mojo. (Presumably, he didn’t take the 21-Hayes.) Standing on recycled-material flooring and surrounded by hard-to-kill plants, solar powered garden lights, and a couple of bike racks he congratulated everyone involved on a job well done. He also let the crowd know that he gave up coffee (because of how it’s kind of like cocaine, probably) and spent his morning on Divisadero sipping green tea, so you know he’s totally a man of the people. He even rolled up his sleeves before shaking Ross “The Boss” Mirkarimi’s hand. Also in attendance was DPW director Edward Reiskin, who I don’t have a funny nickname for and former NOPNA President Leela Gill, who seems like a nice lady.

Gavin’s remarks seemed pretty off-the-cuff and mostly he stuck to thanking everyone involved so there’s not really much to snark about. Although his statement about how the Divisadero Rehab project was finished in 7 months instead of 2 years is only true if you consider “leaving a bunch of building supplies on the street” the same as “completing” a project, but that gives DPW another 17 months to remove everything so I’ll allow it. We shouldn’t pat ourselves on the back too soon though, because there’s always that chance for a relapse. Which Gavbro even hinted at himself when he pointed out that the new parklet will remain in place “as long as we keep it up.” Here’s to hoping those solar-powered garden lights keep the homeless from turning those planters into toilets.

And speaking of poop, before anyone could shit on the removal of parking spaces in favor of bike racks, he also pointed out that DPW/Muni removed a redundant stop on the 24-Divisadero line down the block, which has been converted back to parking spaces. So there!

And if you’re sad you missed it, then have a look at this handy gallery. Email me if you’d like a copy of any of these to show to your hairstylist.


SFCitizen keeps an eye on Synergy’s Honking Yellow Hummer that was parked across the street the whole time.

Mike at IBikeNoPa actually interviewed some people involved.

7 Responses to “Gavin’s Hair Makes an Appearance at Mojo”

  1. generic says:

    Not really much to snark about?

    Good god, man.

    The preening!

  2. Well, yeah that and I think Mirkarimi bored him a little bit

  3. Derek Bradley says:

    Looks like his hair had Summer (owner of Minibar) smiling.

  4. stacy says:

    This is the best entry I’ve ever read.

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