Some Stuff Happened (Or is Going to Happen) In the Neighborhood [Hoodlinks]

by Andrew Dalton on March 17, 2010

Some stuff you may or may not have missed around the neighborhood lately:

  • Above: Ross “Juicebox”/”The Boss” Mirkarimi slips one in at the new Hamilton Recreation Center [SFCitizen]
  • That monthly NoPa Velo Ride? It’s back again (that’s what monthly means). This month’s wacky theme: “The Hills are Alive with the Views of NOPA” and it’s next Sunday, the 28th. Scooting off from Apollo Coffee on Divis & Turk at 9:30am. Details on IBikeNoPa. Get out your biking leiderhosen.
  • Yelp wants you to meet new people by eating at places that have communal tables, but they didn’t mention NOPA, which is weird, because they always mention NOPA. [Weekly Yelp]
  • The Arco gas station at Fell and Divis gets some spillover room on Fell. We (meaning, you guys – the ones with cars) lose some parking spaces, The Wiggle regains the bike lane. [SFCitizen]

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