Let’s Get This Parklet Started

by Andrew Dalton on March 15, 2010

Look, guys, I’ll admit I was a little skeptical when this whole pavement-to-parks movement got started. I was a big fan of PARKing Day, mostly because they set up a croquet court on 2nd street by my old office in SOMA and nothing’s better than skipping work to sit in an astro-turfed parking space like I’m a senior at Oxford or something.

Anyway, the point is, I thought this was going to be an exercise in where to place parks to make sitting in them as terrifying as possible. “Who would want to sit in the middle of Divis?” and “Won’t I get run over by cars?” I thought (quietly, to myself). But that was before I walked by the other night and saw the sweet new deck they installed. I believe the cool kids would call this thing “legit” – there’s some sort of faux-wood flooring so you’re not standing in a puddle, a couple bolted-down bike racks, a bench in the middle and few new bistro tables (also bolted down, so don’t go trying to make your own parklet in your driveway).

This thing is like a mini-version of the Americano on the Embarcadero (check out that steel-cable fence), except without the after-work downtown douchebaggery or $8 gin and tonics. My only complaint is the pile of construction trash they left behind and that it doesn’t extend all the way down to Bean Bag or include a Bocce court.

Mike over at IBikeNOPA has all the photos of the construction process.

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  1. boz says:

    love this… would love to see more of it through out the city.

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