Help Your Neighbor Find Billy the Dog [UPDATE: FOUND!]

by Andrew Dalton on March 1, 2010

[UPDATE: Kate over at Scenes-from-my-hood emailed me to let me know Billy the Dog has been found! Thanks, internet/dog catcher/Homeward Bound 3: Dog in the City.]

Look guys, I’m no vegansaurus over here, but I’m a dog person and I’d really rather avoid another incident in the panhandle. So that adorable guy up there goes by the name Billy and he belongs to a friend of a friend of the blog (It’s the internet, we all know everybody somehow). More importantly, he went missing from the Panhandle (park) this afternoon and his owner Meredith would like to have him home safe and sound. Here’s Meredith’s description:

“He was in the Panhandle with my boyfriend near Fell and Clayton. He ran away, across the street. A girl told my boyfriend she saw him almost get hit by a car and that she saw him with two young men who looked concerned but haven’t contacted us. We lost him around 3:30 pm today. His name is Billy, he has a green nylon color and his tag has his name and my boyfriend’s phone number on it.”

If you find Billy, then you’ve got the number to call. At the risk of spreading someone’s phone number all across the internet, please go here to: scenes-from-my-hood if you have any other info. Or just email andrew [at] and we’ll connect you to the right person. Even if you don’t have any info, retweet it, put it on facebook or whatever, let’s find Billy!

Thanks, gang.

3 Responses to “Help Your Neighbor Find Billy the Dog [UPDATE: FOUND!]”

  1. Becca says:

    Has Billy been found?

  2. Andrew says:

    No word yet, but I’ll update if I hear anything?

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