Disco Bomb Threatens to Cause Dancing, Obliterate Memories

by Andrew Dalton on February 24, 2010

Fellow Panhandler and Pisco/Disco enthusiast Miguel23 dropped this photo bomb on the twitscape last night. (What?) The latest addition to our personal favorite gonzo art lounge has been up for a week or so, but because this is version 2.0 of the Web I don’t actually have to go over there and take a picture myself.

Miguel and Madrone have been pushing their new pisco drink: the Pisco Llama, which is a combination of Peruvian Pisco, Ginger Beer, lime juice, and bitters. We bravely sampled them the other night and our preliminary reviews included: “Interesting…!” and “Tastes like there are two drinks mixed together in here.” (Not necessarily a bad thing! And actually there are two drinks mixed together in there.)

Anyway, Miguel recommends the Pisco Llama be enjoyed on Thursday nights for Tropicana night. I’m still holding out for fresh Passion Fruit at Madrone so they can start whipping up Maracuya Sours, which is pretty much guaranteed to be the next Mojito.

2 Responses to “Disco Bomb Threatens to Cause Dancing, Obliterate Memories”

  1. miguel says:

    I got hit by that disco bomb the other night and it was all good. I can’t wait for more Pisco Llama cocktails tonight. May the disco bomb be with you. Cheers!!!

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