Neighborhood Watching: Papalote on Throwdown with Bobby Flay [Recaps]

by Andrew Dalton on February 18, 2010

Did anybody else set their DVRs for Throwdown last night? Because I did, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Brothers Escobedo drop some burrito knowledge on Bobby Flay’s stupid triangular face. Flay proved that he could neither roll his R’s nor his burritos. It was actually pretty amusing to watch 3 white people in a kitchen trying to figure out how to roll a burrito. And while Flay was embarrassing himself his editing crew wasn’t really helping by repeatedly showing the Fulton location behind voiceovers about “San Francisco’s Mission District.” (OK, fine I’m probably the only one that noticed that.)

Anyway! Flay whipped up some sort of green burrito with spinach rice and white beans in a green chile stew and guacamole, obviously. He was very threatening when he told the camera, “Look out, because Kermit’s got nothing on my green burrito!” Huh? You’re throwing down with a muppet? Victor even taunted the Iron Chef, telling him he got the “Green light – Green for Go, as in gringo.” Order up! Two pun tacos to go!

The judges – food writers from the Chronicle whose names I didn’t bother writing down – rated the burritos on three criteria: taste, authenticity, and overall deliciousness (actually, I forgot the 3rd criteria, but that sounds about right) and although we should probably spare ourselves the “They don’t actually eat burritos in Mexico” debate, I think it’s safe to say Flay’s Kermit burrito wasn’t very authentic. In fact, his take on California Fresh cuisine was more of a throwback to when it was cool to go to CPK and just order a salad. It looked pretty thin and sickly next to the massive Triple Threat, which is far more indicative of the menu item we San Franciscans tend to consume on our lunch breaks before falling into a burrito coma at 2pm. Not to mention Flay prepared the pork for his burrito ahead of time, while the Escobedos grilled all three meats on the spot.

So in addition to learning what we already know (that Papalote’s burritos are delicious), the episode was worth checking out for a look at how they make the achiote marinade that makes their grilled chicken so great. No videos are available online at the moment, but I’m sure it will be on in re-runs forever.

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4 Responses to “Neighborhood Watching: Papalote on Throwdown with Bobby Flay [Recaps]”

  1. Kate says:

    We tried watching it and ended up fast-forwarding through most of it. I simply cannot stomach (haha get it?) Bobby Flay. Glad our boys beat his ass, but it was pretty much inevitable seeing as how Flay’s got about as much flavor as a glass of water.

  2. Seriously, dude is boring as hell. Victor’s got more energy working the cash register than Bobby does hosting a TV show.

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  4. Kathleen says:

    Oh please, give credit where credit is due. Bobby Flay is a culinary icon. So you didn’t care for his green burritos, dont be such a-holes.

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