Upcoming: Yelp Drinks Week means $5 fancypants drinks at Madrone

by Andrew Dalton on February 15, 2010

Yelp has declared the first week in March to be Yelp Drinks Week! (They also declared that you have to end every sentence about Yelp with an exclamation point!) Anyway, Yelp Drinks Week means there will be loads of hand-made, half-priced cocktails around town, and for us in the neighborhood it means $5 off a couple of $10 drinks at Madrone that I haven’t seen on their menu before. The full list:

The Gilberto
The Apricot Saint
Captain Flint

I have no idea what’s in any of these, but if someone spots them on the drink board before Yelp Drinks Week hits, let me know. Also, if you don’t like handmade drinks then maybe you should check out  Barbot 2010 at DNA Lounge this Wednesday and Thursday instead, where you can drink shit made by evil robots who are poised to destroy the bartending industry.

Full list of bars participating in Drinks Week over on the Yelp Events page.

Thanks to @valerieluu for the tip.

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  1. Former Panhandler says:

    Flying in the 6th – maybe I can get the last few drops. I hope they make a robot soon that will ignore me for wearing a button-down shirt into the Hemlock.

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