More MUNI Cuts Imminent, 24-Divis on Death Watch 2010

by Andrew Dalton on January 6, 2010

On Monday our friends over at SFAppeal put up a great post detailing likely service changes and additional line cuts to Muni routes in 2010. Matt does a great job breaking down the numbers, so if you’re interested in that sort of thing, I suggest you read on.

Of course, our main interest here is with the 24-Divis, which Matt predicts is dangerously close to facing cuts in service. Although it doesn’t seem likely that Muni would cut it entirely, streetscape improvements may have backfired for riders of the 24 since it means more on-time arrivals which could equal justification for fewer vehicles on the line. On the bright side, that new pavement sure is slick under those bike tires!

And in the meantime while we wait to hear the fate of one of our fair bus lines, I still have two (2) Sex Pigeon-designed 24-Divisadero T-shirts that I need to unload. Anybody got any good contest ideas?

Meat Grinder Graphic via Tim Ehalt/SFAppeal

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