Your December Mirkarimi Moment

by Andrew Dalton on December 9, 2009

Somewhere along the line AggroPa editors got added to supervisor Ross Mirkarimi’s “District Five Report” email newsletter. Who knows when or why, but whenever we get ‘em we’ll share ‘em.


I’m not really sure if I got the November issue of Supe Mirkarimi’s District Five Report, but no one cares because it’s December now and homeboy even took a week to get this thing out. THANKS.

Here’s the stuff we learned about this month:

  • There’s a December 1th Holiday Art Party in Mirkarimi’s Office. No, seriously, it starts at 5:30 pm on Friday in room 282 in City Hall. Anybody want to crash Ross’ office with us?
  • MUNI Service Changes and new Bike Lanes. But you probably read all about this stuff elsewhere, because you’re a savvy reader, just look at you!
  • Mirkarimi demands kids go to school! Or rather, he demanded (demanded!) the SF Unified School District take action to curb truancy. Maybe kids are just late because of Muni Service changes? Give ‘em a break, Ross!
  • Mirkarimi congratulates “our Inner Sunset Park Neighbors” for a successful Holiday party on December 3rd. Wait, what the hell is Inner Sunset Park? And why does he keep referring to it as ISPN? Stop it.

I’m sure there was some other stuff in there, if you want to read the whole thing you can find it archived on the Board of Supes site.

2 Responses to “Your December Mirkarimi Moment”

  1. leslie says:

    I get this too. I thought this photo looked quasi-religious and supplicant-filled and I want to do a bad painting of it.

  2. Andrew says:

    Yes! You should paint this! Keep the pose, but place Ross in front of a field of multi-colored plastic grocery bags. I’d totally buy that.

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