Popular Pizza Prices for Penny-Pinching Panhandlers

by Derek Bradley on November 17, 2009

Listen up, we know it’s Tuesday and you could pilfer some Popeye’s for 99 pennies, but there’s a new cafe in the hood  and some decent deals on Little Star (cowabunga!) that might sway you from the purveyor of poultry. As Broke-ass Stuart pointed out yesterday, Little Star Pizza on Divis will be tossin’ up half-priced pizzas from 5-7pm, courtesy of Viv! Just ask for  the “Viv Special” to get your cheap pizza on, doughboy. But, before you do any of that, you might want an afternoon coffee from your preferred coffee destination to get you through your Tuesday. We suggest that you do this morning afternoon ritual over at the  new Matching Half Cafe at Mcallister and Baker. Grab a friend and one of those hot-off-the-press copies of the NOPNA newsletter that’s sitting on the counter and redeem their buy one, get one free coffee coupon in the back. (It’s good through November, and probably December too according to the owners.) You’ll be looking smart with that free cup of joe and be on your way to carpe pizza.

Photo via: Flickr user Mesohungry

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  3. Sofia says:

    The quality of the info is what keeps me on this site, thanks!

    Wish You a Merry Christmas. :)

  4. Thanks Sofia, I checked out your blog and I can see you’re really excited about coffee grinders! That’s awesome because I have a coffee grinder and I really like it a lot. We have so much in common! What do you do when you’re not blogging about coffee grinders? Do you ever get free coffee grinders because you’re a blogger?

  5. Former Panhandler says:

    Andrew, how can a post about cheap pizza on Divis exist without a ref or joke about next-door neighbor and red-headed stepchild Stelladoro? Also, can we get a pic of the rotating pizza case there for the next photo of the day – it’s disgusting.

  6. Derek Bradley says:

    Quality of food aside, Stelladoro’s signage is hilarious. Way to go, guys. You’ve put a black and white cartoon line drawing of an Italian chef holding a photograph of a really disgusting looking pizza and called that your sign. Genius collage work.

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  8. Karen T says:

    WOAH! Freakin random, Derek from SNI. I was reading about how Popeyes got burnt down and I stumbled upon your blog here. So was the Little Star half off deal only for the 17th?

  9. Derek Bradley says:

    Hey, Karen! Popeyes bounced back pretty darn fast from the fire. Yesterday afternoon their doors were definitely open for business and they were still slingin’ the greasy bird.

    As for the deal at Little Star Pizza, as far as I know this was a one-time deal. But who knows when Viv will have another excellent meal deal. Here they are on twitter: @doyouviv

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