Post-Work Drinks and LOL’s

by Andrew Dalton on November 3, 2009

fellanddivisSome people really hate mashups. Personally, I’m OK with taking two great ideas and slamming them together into one awesome thing. Think about it: those Palm Pilot things never really caught on with anybody except total Gordon Gecko-types until they smashed it up with a telephone and an iPod and called it an iPhone. Now my Mom has one. She’s really good at texting.

On a similar note, we here at Aggressive Panhandler are big fans of Madrone and their somewhat-divey, somewhat-arty neighborhood bar. Tomorrow night they’ll be cooking up another no-brainer combination: Happy Hour and Stand-Up Comedy. Let’s be honest, there are really only two things that help you through the workdays: 1) comedic distractions that provide you with lots-of-laffs, but keep you from getting any real work done and 2) the thought of a couple rounds of cheap drinks consumed early enough to have you buzzing and home in time for The Daily Show. (That’s my cutoff, drinking past the intro of the Colbert Report is the point-of-no-return for a hangover.)

The thought of having someone funny to listen to instead of lame story about your friend’s stupid coworker is really the best part, I think. Deets or it won’t happen:

Laugh Out Loud Happy Hour: Wednesday Nov. 4 from 7-9pm

Headliners: Brendan Lynch and Daryus Monday

Featuring Evert VillaseƱor and Hosted by Adrian Palenchar.

My internet sleuthing skills tell me this actually occurred last month as well, but I couldn’t uncover any audience responses. The event is listed on SFStation as well.

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