Monday Hoodlinks

by Andrew Dalton on October 26, 2009

  • Please Don’t Do That” [Muni Diaries] – Sarah Allen asks you to stop with your aggressive nose-picking on the 31. Seriously, digging for gold is so 1849. You’re 160 years late, my friend.
  • MUNI Security Cameras Failed Again [SF Examiner] – Speaking of MUNI, not that it’s any surprise, but the cameras on the bus where 37 year-old Christopher Feasal was found dead weren’t on at the time.
  • Extras at Trauma shoot are pretty San Francisco [AggressivePanhandler] – I’m linking to myself, because I backdated it. Don’t hate.
  • Lance [Armstrong] & Levi set to bike NOPA [IBikeNOPA] – Several blocks of Fell St. to make an appearance in Stage 3 of the next Tour of California. Line up early to high-five Lance as he zips by.
  • And speaking of Lance in SF, here’s a video of Lance tearing up the streets of Austin with the gang from MASH SF: (2:13 for Lance appearance, 3:20 for Lance pulling a 2001 Stage 20 on some fixie kids.)

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