Aggressive Photo of the Day: Obama: Missing in NOPA

by Derek Bradley on October 15, 2009

Remember those wheatpasted signs of Osama Bin Laden on the side of a milk carton? You know the ones. Here’s a new take on that design that someone has posted up on the corner of Divis and McAllister recently. It definitely caught our attention and couldn’t be more on time for President Obama’s arrival in San Francisco this afternoon. Good luck actually catching a glimpse of the guy, unless you have one of those five hundo plus dollar tickets to the fundraising event at the St. Francis this evening. Seriously Obama, next time come out to our neighborhood, I’ll put an Ike Turner up on the drink board at Madrone for you.

Oh, and he’s gone missing in the Mission too.

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One Response to “Aggressive Photo of the Day: Obama: Missing in NOPA”

  1. Andrew says:

    Personally, I was really hoping Obama would go eat at Pearl’s Deluxe in the TL. Then he and I could share a special bond. A bicoastal burger bond.

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