Karma Report: Storm-Felled Tree Avoids Cyclist, Kills Car

by Andrew Dalton on October 13, 2009

In case you live in a windowless basement apartment and haven’t left the house yet, you might not have noticed there’s an End of Days-type storm going on outside and it’s been fucking up everyone’s hair and MUNI commutes all morning.

Also, early this morning a brave cyclist on his ride to work nearly had a run-in with death as high winds knocked down a tree just in front of him on Haight st at Broderick. Of course the tree would choose to come smashing down on a Ford Escape instead of a bicycle, but not without sending a shot across his bow by squishing the front wheel of his fixie. I bet he’s thankful for that front brake now.

SFist has the writeup

Flickr user expuestosiempre has more shots of the aftermath in the Haight.

Oh and if you do live in a basement apartment you should probably start bailing yourself out.

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