Aggressively Opining: Divisadero Improvements Threaten Public Safety

by Andrew Dalton on October 12, 2009

Here at Aggressive Panhandler, we occasionally have opinions about the issues around us. Which we were told in high school was a good thing, but really opinions are like farts: they all stink except yours (unless you’re in the shower, in which case – gross).

traps02You may have noticed we’ve been pretty excited around here about the in-progress Divisadero Rehab because bikes roll real nicely down the new pavement and we’re fans of lemon-scented eucalyptus lining our streets, but apparently not everyone thinks like we do. Lucky for us blissfully ignorant arborphiles in NoPa, we’ve got our very own Rush Limbaugh to poo-poo all our hopes and dreams on his radio show blog: District 5 Diary. In an update last Monday about “the first phase of ‘improving’ Diviz [sic.]“, D5D’s Rob Anderson seems hopeful about the new pavement and pedestrian refuges in the median, but he would like us to know that the “dangerous phase of the so-called improvements is yet to come.” What could be so dangerous? Booby traps in front of the liquor stores? Land mines in the crosswalks?

Nope – it’s “the landscaping, new ’street furniture,’ and new light fixtures.” [note: scare quotes, his. -Ed.] Although he declines to elaborate in his post, in the comments Rob continues to defend his stance against “tacky street furniture and faux-antique light fixtures” which will surely assault his delicate senses every time he steps out for a pie at Little Star. His fear, it seems, lies in what he sees as an suburbanization of our neighborhood thoroughfare. We hardly think a few trees and benches will turn Divis into a Thomas Kinkade village, in fact commenter goodplanner seems to think the opposite will happen and we’ll start seeing drug dealers using planter boxes as drug drop points and muggers hiding behind benches and trash cans. Sure, OK, I could see myself losing an iPhone because I was too busy tapping away to notice a mugger behind a park bench, but that’s personal stupidity and hardly a reason to not make the place look nice.

While we can appreciate that Rob has a different aesthetic than us, we doubt it’ll take too long before those benches and trash cans start getting some sweet tags on them.


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