Divisadero Rehab and You!

by Andrew Dalton on September 11, 2009


No, we’re not staging an intervention here, for that kind of rehab you’ll still have to head over to the Haight. We’re talking about the changes coming to our neighborhood’s work-from-home mecca and Soju-cocktail-barhop destination.

As some of our neighbors have pointed out, work on the “Divisadero Streetscape Improvements” (the official DPW name) begins on Monday. If the recent success of the Divisadero Art Walks is any indication, the neighborhood is ready for smoother sidewalks and a shrubbery or two to go along with our $1 oysters at Bar Crudo.

After the jump, a hard look at what’s changing…

First off, DPW doesn’t expect the project to be complete until “Winter 2011″, so don’t get too excited by the prospect of letting your dog soil the new greenery right away. And speaking of greenery, according to the 72-slide powerpoint put together by a community workshop session, most of the grassy bits will be limited to the medians. (Can anyone attend these sessions or is it restricted to people who have completed at least one other course in Scrapbooking?) Other than that, Divis between Geary and Waller will also be getting:

  • Upgraded streetlights to remove the freeway-grade lights we’ve got now in favor of “San Francisco Classic” lights.
  • Countdown signals at crosswalks so we can all race to make the light like we do in every other neighborhood.
  • Public Art! No details on this one yet, but I’m hoping for some killer stencil work on the sidewalks.
  • Sidewalk bulbouts at bus stops, and some of the 24-Divis stops are being shuffled around a block or two to improve service.
  • Trees! All kinds of ‘em – and that big ugly block between Fell and Oak with all the Gas Stations? It’s going to get a battery of either Palm trees (Dolores Style) or “Lemon Scented Eucalyptus” and while you can’t sniff them just yet, here’s a fresh photoshop job:


3 Responses to “Divisadero Rehab and You!”

  1. dbradley says:

    Bring on the trees!

  2. Dane McClure says:

    This is so rad! I live in Brooklyn now, but previously I lived on Divis for about 5 years. Major upgrade for both the cyclists and the Divis dwellers. Enjoy.

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