Potential Hookup Ends in Stolen iPod

by Andrew Dalton on November 4, 2011

A story of young love gone awry in the neighborhood: The Examiner reports one 21-year-old man attempted to bring home a new ladyfriend after chatting her up near Divis and McAllister on Tuesday. After successfully securing her digits — which I imagine were fake or this story would have a totally different ending — the young lady tagged along with the gentleman to his Panhandle-adjacent home.

While fumbling with his keys or whatever, our victim asked his potential new girlfriend to “hold his iPod” (not a euphemism), at which point she promptly took off with the Apple product. Truly a sad day for that kid’s mp3 collection and 21-year-old boners everywhere.

I’d bother trying to figure out which bar these two met at if I wasn’t still wondering why the poor guy didn’t just keep it in his pants. (The iPod, I mean. Doesn’t he have pockets?)

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And We’re Back…

by Andrew Dalton on November 4, 2011

Apologies for the extended hiatus, friends and neighbors. We here at Aggressive Panhandler (well, just I, really) were consumed (utterly consumed!) with that pesky other project called “day job”. But we’re back now! Sort of. Depending on how we feel on a given day.

Anyhow: welcome. We (I) promise to bring back all the usual narrowly focused news directed at an extremely limited audience that you’ve come to expect. (Or not expect, since we’ve been off the air since June.) But – hey, did you hear? Divisadero has just been named the “Comeback Neighborhood of the Year“, appropriately enough. We’re a destination neighborhood now, in case you didn’t know.

See you on Divis. Until then, don’t forget to send us tips and neighborhood news.

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Very Important Bi-Rite News of Great Importance (About Bi-Rite)

by Andrew Dalton on January 18, 2011

Neighbor and fellow panhandler, Jon R. sent us the above photo of Bi-Rite’s new liquor license application.
After all the excitement back in June about notable Mission grocer and creamery ice cream store Bi-Rite opening a second location on Divisadero, it looks like the neighborhood is at least one step closer to the fancy picnic supply [...]

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The Exasperated Sigh Heard ‘Round the Neighborhood

by Andrew Dalton on January 4, 2011

I mean, already? Really?

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Park Better, Neighbors

by Andrew Dalton on November 21, 2010

Neighborhood reader Jeremy submitted some street poetry he spotted at Central and Fulton:
Share the Street Douchebag!”
It’s kind of lovely, really. Like Gertrude Stein for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. Bonus authenticity points for looking like it got run over a few times already.

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Salsa Watch: Papalote Salsa Arrives in Stores Tuesday

by Andrew Dalton on November 20, 2010

Yesterday, despite being a simple jar of spicy tomato sauce, Papalote Salsa managed to tweet an update to the salsa news that captivated a city of Foodies back in late August:

For those of you in the city who have been waiting ever-so-patiently for updates from the neighborhood taqueria, you will now be able to pick [...]

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Your New Lazer* Kitten Desktop Background

by Andrew Dalton on November 19, 2010

Yesterday’s Lazer* Kitten Murals were a huge internet hit, apparently. In fact I’ve had a few requests for large resolution versions of the photo suitable for use as a desktop background. This site, like most good publications these days, operates in the red most of the time, so we have zero budget to upgrade our [...]

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Art in Progress: Adorable New Mural Going Up at the Harding Theater

by Andrew Dalton on November 17, 2010

Behold: A kitten shoots at the San Francisco skyline with lazer eyes or possibly spotlights while another kitten pounces on a multi-colored dragonfly and a third kitten peeks out from below. Or just “that cat painting on Divis,” if you like. I don’t know, the artists I spoke to hadn’t named it yet, but it’s [...]

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Meet Your Alamo Square Neighbors at Madrone Tuesday Night

by Andrew Dalton on November 7, 2010

From the amazing wire service known as “the Facebook” comes this invite to meet your Alamo Square-area neighbors at a Drinks Around Alamo Square Event on Tuesday, November 9th. The event obviously takes place during Madrone’s Happy Hour from 5:30 – 7:30pm, which makes it very easy for us to attend, but you should probably [...]

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Neighborhood Reaction to the Giants in the World Series

by Andrew Dalton on October 23, 2010

Jon here says, “I want to be blogged.” Luckily, he’s a 5 year resident of the neighborhood so, here you go: the neighborhood’s reaction to a Giants win and a trip to the World Series. Pretend it’s orange-tinted.

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